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This module pertains to the forensic evaluation and reporting of medicolegal issues. Amassing all of the knowledge gained in the preceding modules, participants learn how to report accurately, succinctly and in accordance with applicable laws. In short, this module is where the entire program comes together.
We learn the basics of Impairment Rating using the 5th Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment as well as California-related laws. Acupuncturists are taught how to function as Primary Treating Physicians as well as Qualified Medical Evaluators.
This module is 44 hours long, and is taught over a two-month period. Reporting styles are provided with samples that can be used for Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation cases. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Taking a thorough history
    • History of Injury, Including Treatment Provided To Date
    • Present Symptoms and How They Influence Activities
    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Prior/Subsequent Injuries
    • Past Medical History
    • Current Medications
    • Pre-Injury Capacity
    • Job Description
    • Work History
  • Physical Examination
    • AMA Methodology (5th Edition)
  • Diagnoses
  • Special Tests
  • Addressing Med-Legal Issues
    • Causation
    • Permanent & Stationary/Maximum Medical Improvement
    • Permanent Disability
      • Old: Subjective & Objective Factors of Disability
      • Old: Work Restrictions
      • New: Impairment Rating
    • Vocational Rehabilitation/Return To Work
      • Addressing Vocational Restrictions
    • Future Medical Care
    • Apportionment
  • Differing Roles & Rules for PTP, QME, AME
  • Use of Proper Forms and Time Guidelines
  • Recent case laws and how they affect decision-making/report writing
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Module Ten: Disability Evaluation & Narrative Report Writing
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